This museum will let you explore the millennia-old relationship between humans and the cannabis plant – two very different branches on the tree of life. At the end of your journey here, you will appreciate how these two species have had a lasting impact on each other.

After having evolved separately for millions of years, there was a day on which homo sapiens first laid eyes on cannabis sativa. When exactly? We will never know.

Big History Of Cannabis

Watch how cannabis spread around the world since the dawn of man, come smell the terpenes that make up its flavours, and feel the many new applications hemp can help us with. You can take a look at the plant at microscopic level and talk to people that grow the plant. With a deep rooting in science and history, the museum will be a fun and learning experience for both the novel and the experienced.

Interactive Experience

In the three floor museum, visitors will be guided along many aspects of the plant. Interactive installations will give you a deeper understanding behind the neurological effects of cannabinoids, while a dark tunnel will remind you of the intense controversies that its effects have caused to some.

The Future Of Cannabis

The Cannabis Museum is more than just a museum, it is a scientific and historical experience in the heart of Amsterdam. Come take a look and experience how we changed this plant to our benefit, and how the many benefits of cannabis can help us in a bright future that we have yet to shape.


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