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Welcome to The Cannabis Museum Amsterdam

The Cannabis Museum is an interactive experience in Amsterdam that lets you explore the millennia-old relationship between humans and the cannabis plant. Destigmatising the most powerful natural resource known to mankind one visitor at a time.

Cannabis has given humans an industrial fiber, a mind-altering substance, a food source, and a diverse medicine. In return, we domesticated, cultivated and spread this organism from its origins in the Himalayas to the legal dispensaries in California. 

The Cannabis Museum will allow you to explore the fascinating and complex world of the cannabis plant through interactive art. You will learn about its unique molecules that give cannabis its unique smells, flavours and effects.

With a passion for science and history, this museum strives to be a fun and learning experience for both the novel and the experienced. Our multi-lingual staff are looking forward to guiding you in your exploration, hope to see you soon!