Interactive Experience

Discover how cannabis spread across the world since the dawn of man, smell the terpenes that make up its flavors, and learn about the many applications and benefits of hemp. You can take a look at the plant at microscopic level and talk to experienced growers.

Visitors will be guided through the different aspects of the plant – from its evolution to the use of its fibers in electric cars to the biological system that the cannabis plant interacts with.

Interactive installations give a deeper understanding of the neurological effects of cannabinoids, while a dark tunnel reminds of political controversies that have had dire consequences for millions of individuals. There are also spots to just chill and wonder.

The Future Of Cannabis

Cannabis is quickly becoming more accepted for its medicinal and recreational value – while myth or lack of scientific understanding still continue to exist. This museum is a gateway into a more modern understanding of this plant. Come take a look and experience how we have changed this plant to our benefit, and how the many benefits of cannabis can help us in a sustainable future that we have yet to shape.

Law or fact?

The medical use of cannabis has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years. CBD oil is widely available throughout Europe and a growing number of countries have legalized THC for medical applications. This museum acknowledges that a lot of the science on cannabis is still young, and tries to stay away from making medical claims about the actual efficacy of certain cannabis treatments. The museum merely exists to foster discussion and understanding.


Great design, top-notch art, and interactive storytelling are central to this museum. It’s already famous centerpiece is an interactive wall art inspired by the effect of cannabis on the endocannabinoid system.  


Smoking is not allowed in the museum